About Us:

AMC Glass Company, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Mr. Binh Truong.  The company has grown significantly since that time. Mr. Truong started his business literally from  the back yard of his home as a one man operation. At the time the bulk of his work came from residential hackouts, screen repair, and table top glass.

Today our company occupies a 16,000 square feet brand new facility.  We are  able to process the bulk of our work in house. From glass edging/polishing, beveling, insulating glass units, and even custom door and window fabrication all in our Facility in San Jose, California.  The company today still remains 100% family owned and operated.  

Our commitment in excellent service, quality and affordability has helped us grow our customer satisfaction and loyalty over the past decade.  We continually strive to better our service and respect any comments and suggestions from our customers.  Since our inception we have seen the good times and bad time, we have seen glass companies come and go, but rest assured we are here to stay. Please feel free to contact with any concerns or request for information you may have.

           AMC Glass Company, Inc. 1999 Monterey Hwy, Suite 110 San Jose, CA 95112-6135
                             Tel: 408-288-8206 Fax:408-288-6831 Toll Free: 1-888-262-9699